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Aoniu Nitrate To Roll Stainless Steel Patent


Anodic Treatment Of Uranium Patent Doe Patents

The uranium is made the anode in an aqueous phosphoric acid solution containing nitrate ions furnished by either ammonium nitrate, lithium nitrate, sodium nitrate, or potassium nitrate. A stainless steel cathode is employed and electrolysls carried out at a current density of

Federal Register Notice of Final Determination of Sales

Federal Register Notice Of Final Determination Of Sales

Jul 11, 2000 Specifically excluded from this scope is solid ammonium nitrate with a bulk density less than 53 pounds per cubic foot commonly referred to as industrial or explosive grade ammonium nitrate. The merchandise subject to this investigation is classified in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States HTSUS at subheading 3102.30.00.00.

Method and apparatus for preventing hazardous explosion

Method And Apparatus For Preventing Hazardous Explosion

May 13, 1993 For example, ammonium nitrate for use as agricultural fertilizer is produced in significant quantities. Also, metal nitrate solutions such as uranyl nitrate are often precipitated with aqueous ammonia to yield an ammonium nitrate waste stream. Under certain conditions, molten or crystalline ammonium nitrate may explode due to sudden decomposition.

Electrolytic stripping bath for removing metal coatings

Electrolytic Stripping Bath For Removing Metal Coatings

What is claimed is 1. An electrolytic stripping bath for removing metal coatings from stainless steel base materials comprising about 50 to about 500 gl of a water-soluble nitrate, about 1 to about 200 gl of a chlorine ion donor about 0.5 to about 200 gl of at least one of amine compounds and organic acids having a buffering action, and about 1 to about 100 gl of at least one reducing ...


Aluminumferritic Stainless Steelsteel

The procedure described in example 1, step a is repeated with the exception that the stainless steel sheet employed is 430 stainless steel lightly cold-rolled, yield strength 45,000 p.s.i., the C-1008 steel plate is 1-12 inches thick, and the sheet and plate are 36 inches wide by 72 inches long.


Us Patent Application For Flux Compositions For Steel

Oct 24, 2013 Chinese patent application No. 101948990 teaches an electrolytic flux for hot dip galvanization of a steel wire, comprising gL 30-220 gL zinc chloride, 2-90 gL ammonium chloride, 0-150 gL potassium chloride, 0-150 gL sodium chloride, 0-100 gL boric acid, 0-70 gL acetic acid, 1-25 gL sodium fluoride, 2-50 gL cerium chloride, 0-50 gL ...

Production of cyanuric acid from urea Monsanto Company

Production Of Cyanuric Acid From Urea Monsanto Company

16 g. Ammonium nitrate. The ammonium nitrate weight represented 8.6 of the weight of urea feed. Recycled cyanuric acid was again maintained at 30 of the weight of urea feed. The reactants were held at 275 C. for 2 hours. Analysis of the reaction product showed 94.7 cyanuric acid, 5.16 ammelide plus ammeline and 0.1 residual ammonium nitrate.

Acid Treatment Patents and Patent Applications Class 71

Acid Treatment Patents And Patent Applications Class 71

Jul 21, 2013 Abstract The invention relates to the chemical industry and can be used while producing granulated nitrogen-potash fertilizers. An ammonia nitrate melt in the amount of 33-69 weight , potassium chloride in the amount of 22-65 weight , and a specific mineral admixturephosphogypsum in the amount of 2-9 weight are fed into a mixture as well as ammonia, which is necessary for

Stainless Steel Chemical Compatibility Chart

Stainless Steel Chemical Compatibility Chart

Stainless Steel Chemical Compatibility Chart Check the chemical compatibility of Stainless Steel with various chemicals, solvents, alcohols and other products.. Shop Stainless Steel. Please Note The information in this chart has been supplied by reputable sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility.

US Patent for Rubbermetal laminated gasket material

Us Patent For Rubbermetal Laminated Gasket Material

A rubber-metal laminated gasket material comprising a metal plate, a surface treating agent layer, an adhesive layer, and a rubber layer, the layers being sequentially laminated on the metal plate wherein the surface treating agent layer is formed by applying a surface treating agent so that the coating amount on one surface is 30 to 1,000 mgm2, and the surface treating agent is free from ...

ammonium nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate

Cesco Solutions Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer 21 Nitrogen 21-0-0 Fertilizer for Lawns, Plants, Fruits and Vegetables, Water Soluble Fertilizer for Alkaline soils. Sturdy Resealable Package 5 lbs 4.9 out of 5 stars. 11. 14.49.

Preanneal rinse process for inhibiting pin point rust

Preanneal Rinse Process For Inhibiting Pin Point Rust

Description In the steel making process, the metal must be annealed to relieve the stresses which develop during the cold reduction process. Annealing involves heating the metal to around 1200 F. for about 10 hours. This high temperature treatment leaves


Ukraine Antidumping Measures On

Patents Article 21.3c Award of the Arbitrator, Canada Patent Protection of Pharmaceutical Products Arbitration under Article 21.3c of the DSU, WTDS11413 18 August 2000, DSR 2002I, p. 3 China GOES Article 21.3c Award of the Arbitrator, China Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties

Effect of ammonium bifluoride on the corrosion rates of

Effect Of Ammonium Bifluoride On The Corrosion Rates Of

Mild steel coupons were evaluated for weight loss after 12 hr exposures. The rate of attack for citric and sulfamic acid systems on steel decreased as concentration of ammonium bifluoride increased. The attack rate of HCL increased at lower ammonium bifluoride concentrations, but at higher concentrations tended to stabilize at a rate equivalent ...

US Patent for Gas generating compositions containing phase

Us Patent For Gas Generating Compositions Containing Phase

Oct 07, 1997 Gas generating compositions contain a non-azide fuel, phase stabilized ammonium nitrate PSAN and silicon. These gas generant compositions yield inflation gases having a reduced content of undesirable gases such as NO.sub.x and CO. The gas generanting compositions preferably contain 5-aminotetrazole at a concentration of 15-30 wt. as the fuel, an oxidizer system at a


Inhibition Of Corrosive Action Of Aqueous Ammonium Nitrate

I claim 1. A process for inhibiting corrosion of ferrous metals contacted by a flowing aqueous solution of ammonium nitrate and urea having a velocity of at least about 6 feet per second, said solution containing about 45 percent by weight ammonium nitrate and about 34 percent by weight urea, which comprises incorporating in said solution about 0.034 percent by weight of P 2 0 5 in the form of ...


Chemical Compatibility Chart Stainless Steel

STAINLESS STEEL . Our products can be exposed to a huge variety of chemicals. The data table below is an application guide, and indicates the . resistance of the specific thermoplastics we use in the construction of our products, to common chemicals. The data given should be used cautiously, and as a

Granulating Patents and Patent Applications Class 7164

Granulating Patents And Patent Applications Class 7164

Aug 27, 2015 Granulating Patents Class 7164.03 By comminuting Class 7164.04 By agglomerating Class 7164.05 By fluid contact Class 7164.06 Pelletising process using starch. Patent number 11028025. Abstract A method for manufacturing a pelletised mineral product, the method comprising in a first mixing step, forming a first mixture by mixing ...


Lab Corrosion Data For Stainless Steel Multalloy

Ammonium nitrate chromelectrolyte grube 70 l l Linseed Oil 70 l saturated at 212F B l l Citric Acid Hl dissolved in conc. H2SO4 140 l l 25 and 50 70 l l 3 sulphuric acid 400 lll 250 ll ll B IV l Magnesium chloride Ammonium sulfate 5 at 45 psi 275 lll l 1 and 5 70

Corrosion Resistance Table of Stainless Steel Nickel Monel

Corrosion Resistance Table Of Stainless Steel Nickel Monel

Stainless Steel 316,316L Stain. Stl. Nickel Monel Iconel Hastalloy C Acetic Acid 20 21 A A A A A A Acetic Acid 50 21 A A B A A A Acetic Acid 50 Boiling C B B A B A ... Ammonium Nitrate All con. agitated 21 A A C C A B Ammonium Nitrate All con. aerated 21 A A C C A B Ammonium Nitrate saturated Boiling A A E E B B

John Eastin Inventions Patents and Patent Applications

John Eastin Inventions Patents And Patent Applications

Oct 10, 2016 Date of Patent September 25, 2018. Assignee KamTec, LLC. Inventors Henry Yokoyama, James H. H. Chan, Paul S. Oyama, Loren J. Hov, Christopher Lee Petersen, David Vu, John A. Eastin. Signaling compositions, methods, and systems for effecting plant growth and crop enhancement. Patent number 9464283. Abstract Bio-regulators from a group of ...

ammonium nitratemetal reaction Chemistry APC Forum

Ammonium Nitratemetal Reaction Chemistry Apc Forum

Jul 17, 2006 ammonium nitratemetal reaction - posted in Chemistry My coffee grinder currently has an odd buildup of greenish powder looking material over all of the metal surface of it other than the blade it must be stainless steel and at the bottom of it there is a layer of brown material similar to the color of iron oxide. The last thing i ground in it was ammonium nitrate, it was about a month ago ...

Nitrogen isotope analysis of aqueous ammonium and nitrate

Nitrogen Isotope Analysis Of Aqueous Ammonium And Nitrate

Mar 03, 2021 For ammonium which is oxidised to N 2 by NaOBr, a stainless steel capillary i.d. 0.53 mm, o.d. 0.8 mm was used at room temperature. For the conversion of nitrate into N 2 O, a fused-silica capillary i.d. 0.53 mm was coiled on an aluminum cylinder diameter 15 cm that was mounted in a metal box and heated to 80 C.

Ammonium nitrate induced cracking of a dryer

Ammonium Nitrate Induced Cracking Of A Dryer

Sep 01, 2011 Failure of the dryer was by ammonium nitrate induced stress corrosion cracking, which was occurring at temperatures lower than 70 C. The main cause of the failure was the failure to stress relieve the dryer after welding. Extensive intergranular corrosion of the inside of the dryer was also observed, but it was concluded that this was ...

Bulk Storage Solutions for the Mining Industry MERIDIAN174

Bulk Storage Solutions For The Mining Industry Meridian174

Sep 12, 2018 SmoothWall Ammonium Nitrate Silos. Meridian has supplied Ammonium Nitrate silos to the mining industry for many years. Manufactured with high-quality steel and our superior powder coat finish, Meridian Ammonium Nitrate silos provide rugged, reliable and weather proof storage for your chemical compounds.

Effect of Temperature and Concentration of Ammonium

Effect Of Temperature And Concentration Of Ammonium

ammonium nitrate. 2.2 Specimen Preparation . 2.2.1 For Electrochemical Measurement . The steel rods supplied were hot-rolled at 1200 K to strip 4mm thick. This was reheated to 1200 K in the furnace for 900 s, cooled slowly to 850 K, and then allowed to cool to


Method Of Plating On Stainless Steel Kewanee

After removing and rinsing the nickel-plated stainless steel tube, it was electroplated with platinum from a conventional platinum plating bath. The platinum bath was made up as follows Ammonium nitrate 13 oz. Sodium nitrate 1.5 oz. Platinum compound 10 g. as Platinum Ammonium hydroxide 200 ml. Water 1

The Effect of the pH of Ammonum Nitrate Solution on

The Effect Of The Ph Of Ammonum Nitrate Solution On

gion, which undoubtedly more acidic. Steel has been characterized as being very susceptible to SCC at near- neutral pH 5. In this work a comprehensive study on the effect of the pH of ammonium nitrate solution on the susceptibility of mild steel to stress corrosion cracking and


Ukraine Antidumping Measures On

WTDS493RPT - 5 - CASES CITED IN THIS AWARD Short title Full case title and citation Argentina Hides and Leather Article 21.3c Award of the Arbitrator, Argentina Measures Affecting the Export of Bovine Hides and the Import of Finished Leather Arbitration under Article 21.3c of the DSU, WTDS15510, 31 August 2001, DSR 2001XII, p. 6013

Annealing and descaling method for stainless steel

Annealing And Descaling Method For Stainless Steel

Jul 11, 1994 After TFIH annealing, the stainless steel is immersed in a bath of an aqueous electrolyte solution of at least one neutral salt from the group consisting of chloride, sulfate, and nitrate of an alkali metal or ammonium. Preferably, the electrolyte is sodium sulfate ranging from 7-25 percent, by weight, more preferably 15-20 wt. percent.

Liquid Fertilizer Formulation Guide AdvanSix

Liquid Fertilizer Formulation Guide Advansix

3. When storing Sulf-N solution in mild steel or thin-wall aluminum tanks, add one gallon of ammonium polyphosphate 10-37-0 or 10-34-0 to every 10 tons of 8-0-0-9S as a corrosion inhibitor not needed when using plastic or stainless steel tanks.

Application of corrosion inhibitors for steels in acidic

Application Of Corrosion Inhibitors For Steels In Acidic

A. Steel C. Acid corrosion C. Acid inhibition C. High temperature corrosion abstract This review summarizes the corrosion inhibition of steel materials in acidic media. Numerous corrosion inhibitors for steels in acidic solutions are presented. The emphasis is on HCl solutions, lower-grade steels, and elevated temperatures.

WTO Dispute Settlement OnePage Case Summaries

Wto Dispute Settlement Onepage Case Summaries

DS170 Canada Patent Term 71 DS174, 290 EC Trademarks and Geographical Indications 72 DS176 US Section 211 Appropriations Act 73 DS177, 178 US Lamb 74 DS179 US Stainless Steel 75 DS184 US Hot-Rolled Steel 76 DS189 Argentina Ceramic Tiles 77 DS192 US Cotton Yarn 78 DS194 US Export Restraints 79

Intergranular fracture during high temperature slow

Intergranular Fracture During High Temperature Slow

Jun 01, 2007 Slow strain rate testing has been undertaken to determine the effects of individual chemical species on the fracture process of high-strength 4340 steel. Test environments included potassium chloride, ammonium nitrate, and ammonium chloride at concentrations from 0.001 to 1.0 mole por liter at ambient temperature.

Fixed Ladder Fall Protection SafeRack

Fixed Ladder Fall Protection Saferack

The 2000 Climb-Rite is a fixed, flat rail climbing protection system that uses a detachable sliding sleeve to roll freely up and down a SellstromRTC rail 14 x 2. The instant a fall begins, the device locks by bringing the four hardened steel brakes into contact with the rail.