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Drift And Fill Ore Dressing Method

CUT AND FILL MINING copper mining India 19802009

Cut And Fill Mining Copper Mining India 19802009

The ore block may be prepared in the same way as for shrinkage stoping but the chute raise are not funneled out at the top. The preparation consists of Haulage drift along the orebody at the lower main level. Undercut of the stope, usually 5-10 m above the haulage drift. Short raise for manways and ore passes from haulage drift to undercut.

PDF Topic 6 Underground Mining Methods CutandFill

Pdf Topic 6 Underground Mining Methods Cutandfill

The second drift is driven adjacent to the first drift. This carries on until the ore zone is mined out to its full width, at which time the second cut is started atop of the first cut. Application of Cut-and-Fill C amp F stoping The C amp F method is required when Ore Zones are irregular in shape and orientation.

Undercut and Fill Mining

Undercut And Fill Mining

Dec 19, 2019 Two methods of applying undercut-and-fill mining have been developed for recovering horizontal pillars. In the first, a slusher drift is driven from an ore pass in the footwall 25 feet below the pillar. Boxholes and manways are driven from the slusher drift to the bottom of the pillar.

Evaluation of the use of sublevel open stoping in the

Evaluation Of The Use Of Sublevel Open Stoping In The

Mar 01, 2021 In the drift-and-fill method see Fig. 1, the volume of backfills with 20, 10, and 0 cement content account for 16.7, 41.65, and 41.65 of the total backfill volume, respectively.It is estimated that the total mine fill cost is about 8.93 m 3, and from this total amount, 16.5 is the fill cost with 20 cement content.. The 10 and 20 cement content backfill used at the mine may be ...

4 Uranium Mining Processing and Reclamation Uranium

4 Uranium Mining Processing And Reclamation Uranium

blasting, and the resulting space is packed with fill material. With drift and fill mining, after completion of the first drift, a second drift is driven adjacent to the first. Additional drifts are developed until the ore zone is mined out to its full width, after which a second cut is started on top of the first cut.

Mining Levels Stations Drifts amp Crosscuts

Mining Levels Stations Drifts Amp Crosscuts

Mar 29, 2017 If the ore is thick or the horizontal section of the ore body is wide by reason of its flat dip, the drift is often carried along the footwall and is the most economical size, first cost and maintenance cost considered. The stoping method to be employed may influence the size of the drifts.

An Optimization Framework for CutandFill Mining

An Optimization Framework For Cutandfill Mining

Cut-and-fill mining method extracts the ore in horizontal slices, starting from a bottom undercut, advancing upward. The ore is drilled, blasted, loaded and removed from a stope, which is then backfilled with tailings from the dressing plant combined with cement, or waste rock obtained from any part of the underground working.

Cut amp Fill Stoping Economic Geology Mining

Cut Amp Fill Stoping Economic Geology Mining

development, crushed and distributed mechanically over the. stope area. In modern cut and fill, however, the hydraulic filling. method is a normal practice. The filling material may be mill. tailings from the ore dressing plant, sand, crushed rock, boiler. plant ash or slag of

Mining methods SlideShare

Mining Methods Slideshare

Oct 23, 2011 Mining methods 1. Mining methods for s teeply dipping and massive deposits 2. Mining methods for s teeply dipping and massive deposits Self supported methods Sublevel caving Block caving Induced Block Caving Sublevel stoping Undercut and fill stoping Square-set stoping Cut-and-fill stoping Shrinkage stoping With caving of overburden Without caving of overburden Supported methods

Major Mines amp Projects Lisheen Mine

Major Mines Amp Projects Lisheen Mine

The tunnel is over 6 metres wide and 5 metres high. The underground facilities include water pump stations, mobile equipment workshops and warehouses as well as the main crusher station. The ore is extracted using three mining methods room and pillar, drift and fill and open stoping.

Lectures on metal mining SlideShare

Lectures On Metal Mining Slideshare

Sep 08, 2015 47 Fig . Mechanised ore loading methods Ore pass system Ore passes are underground passageways for the gravity transport of broken ore, waste rock from one level of a mine to a lower level. Inclination of ore pass varies widely within a range of 450 -900 , and most common angles are 700 and cross sections are mostly circular.

United States Department ANATOMY Forest Service MINE

United States Department Anatomy Forest Service Mine

the ore potential of any kind of mineral property, passed during World War I. The method of the mining engineer was to examine and sample the partially developed ore deposits found by early gold and silver prospectors, to determine if other metals might be present, low grade ores might be profitably mined by mechanized methods and treated by one

Extraction of Resources Geology Lumen Learning

Extraction Of Resources Geology Lumen Learning

Room and pillar mining often leads to retreat mining, in which supporting pillars are removed as miners retreat, allowing the room to cave in, thereby loosening more ore. Additional sub-surface mining methods include hard rock mining, which is mining of hard rock igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary materials, bore hole mining, drift and fill ...

Reducing wasterock dilution in narrowvein conditions at

Reducing Wasterock Dilution In Narrowvein Conditions At

Oct 01, 1986 When the average width of the ore vein was 0.75 m, although the designed mining width was 1.07 m, the actual mining width was 1.46 m, the rate of ore dilution was 48.5, and the avoidable ore dilution rate was up to 26.8. 2.3 Conventional shrinkage stoping im- practical At present, many tungsten mines, no matter how thick the vein and how ...

Cut and fill

Cut And Fill

Cut and fill. This method consists of blasting the ore by successive horizontal lift and extracting from the stope all the ore as the breaking occurs. The mucking of the ore is done with a scraper or loader towards a chute, generally developed in the backfill. The void then created is filled with material that can differ from one mine to the ...

mining Horizontal openings drifts Britannica

Mining Horizontal Openings Drifts Britannica

mining - mining - Horizontal openings drifts All horizontal or subhorizontal development openings made in a mine have the generic name of drift. These are simply tunnels made in the rock, with a size and shape depending on their usefor example, haulage, ventilation, or exploration. A drift running parallel to the ore body and lying in the footwall is called a footwall drift, and drifts ...

832 Shrinkage Stoping ABC 123 Testing Site Course

832 Shrinkage Stoping Abc 123 Testing Site Course

8.3.2 Shrinkage Stoping. Shrinkage stoping is a vertical stoping method, conducted in a vertical or near-vertical plane, and at an angle greater than the angle of repose of the broken ore. A defining characteristic of shrinkage stoping is that most of the blasted broken ore remains in the stope to support the hanging wall and footwall. However, when ore is broken, for example by blasting ...

Sub level open stoping mining method for the Remaja

Sub Level Open Stoping Mining Method For The Remaja

ramp in 169 vein and in the 179 drift at level 460. No continuity at all existed between the two levels or at level 460. Although good quality ore was found, it was considered that it could not be mined by the cut and fill method due to a lack of continuity.

History of the J225chymov Joachimsthal ore district

History Of The J225chymov Joachimsthal Ore District

silver owing to simple methods of ore dressing. The method of wet ore crushing involved loss of 20 to 25 of silver. Nevertheless, according to a report dated 1564, ore containing 0.7 Ag was payable 300. Ores were classified to very low-grade 0.7 Ag, low-grade 2 to 9 Ag, and high-grade 8 to 16 Ag. Very rich

Whats More Activity 2 Getting to Know M Ore Minerals

Whats More Activity 2 Getting To Know M Ore Minerals

What Is It Ore is a nonrenewable resource and since modern societies rely so much on its use in infrastructure and industry, miners need to find new ore deposits to withstand its increasing demand. With this, mining enthusiasts have trekked every part of the world and even explore the oceans depth, in search for these ores. Mining is the process of extracting the valuable materials from the ...

CN102589372B Chamber and deep hole blasting method of

Cn102589372b Chamber And Deep Hole Blasting Method Of

The invention discloses a chamber and deep hole blasting method of a gob. The method of the invention comprises the steps of firstly extracting a rib pillar and support pillars or bottom support pillars on the two sides of the rib pillar from the top down, and then, performing deep hole blasting on the hanging side of the worked out section along the ore body direction after extracting the ...

Surgical Drape an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Surgical Drape An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

George A. Vogler, in The Laboratory Rat Second Edition, 2006 d. DRAPING AND POSITIONING. Surgical drapes and sterile instrument fields are used to limit contamination of the surgical wound, the surgical instruments, and the surgeons hands. To be effective, the drape should, at a minimum cover all, or nearly all, of the animal and enough of the surrounding area to avoid accidental contamination.

Mining Engineering Quiz Mining Engineering Multiple

Mining Engineering Quiz Mining Engineering Multiple

Mining Engineering Multiple Choice QuestionsMCQs amp Answers for competitive exams. These short objective type questions with answers are very important for Board exams as well as competitive exams. These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries.

DOC STCW Test Answers Report Management CLARA

Doc Stcw Test Answers Report Management Clara

STCW Test - Answers Report Management Questions Asked What rules and regulations are regulating the watch keeping routines in the engine room 76 Should Answer Both STCW and Class rules Questions Asked Watch keeping engineers shall have a minimum of knowledge of the vessels engine room and 77 operation of its functions prior to being ...

Optimum Sublevel Height and Drift Spacing in Sublevel

Optimum Sublevel Height And Drift Spacing In Sublevel

Jan 14, 2020 Weak rock mass and poor flow of material can cause excessive ore loss and dilution in sublevel caving. This paper proposes a method to establish design parameters for an inclined deposit within a weak rock mass and evaluates its effectiveness through a case study. In order to solve the problem of low production capacity and poor safety conditions of sublevel caving mining at the

Glossary of Mining Terms Mineral

Glossary Of Mining Terms Mineral

Fill - Any material that is put back in place of the extracted ore to provide ground support. Fire damp - The combustible gas, methane, CH4. Also, the explosive methaneair mixtures with between 5 and 15 methane. A combustible gas formed in mines by decomposition of coal or other carbonaceous matter, and that consists chiefly of methane.

Quantifying reducing and improving mine water use

Quantifying Reducing And Improving Mine Water Use

One method is based on the amount of water required to process a tonne of ore and the other is based on the amount of water required to produce a tonne of concentrate. A large database was created, compiling data regarding ore production, commodity production, commodity prices, and mine water withdrawals between 2006 and 2009.

Underground Mining Methods and Equipment

Underground Mining Methods And Equipment

Cut-and-fill and stull stoping are intended for moderately competent rock, whereas square-set stoping is suitable for the least competent rock. Supported methods have declined in use since World War II, primarily because cut-and-fill stoping is the only method that lends itself to mechanization. Stull stoping and square-set stoping are

Design Spans Underhand Cut and Fill Mining

Design Spans Underhand Cut And Fill Mining

shown in Figure 2a or by single lifts as placed by conventional drift and fill andor underhand cut and fill as shown in Figure 2b. The major difference is that in Figure 2a one is largely operating remotely from the immediate filled back, whereas in Figure 2b one is mining by man-entry methods.

ABSTRACT degree of rock mechanics involvement

Abstract Degree Of Rock Mechanics Involvement

Figure 1. Cut-and-Fill Methods for varying rock conditions. Janelid 1973. In Sweden, the horizontal stoping method is most used, being that employed at the Nampsliden Mine among other places. Drift-and-fill and undercut-and-fill are used in Sweden at the Falu Mine, Kristineberg Mine and Garpenberg Mine.

Underground Mining Methods

Underground Mining Methods

Sublevel stoping is a mining method in which ore is blasted from different levels of elevation but is removed from one level at the bottom of the mine. Before mining begins, an ore pass is usually drilled from a lower to a higher elevation. Jumbos selectively drill holes into the roof of the drift and fill

Description of mining methods step by step

Description Of Mining Methods Step By Step

Primary Mining Method Cut-and-Fill mining method. Information. Development in the ore of the upper and lower drift. The distance between the levels is 91 m 300 ft. Development of the service raise. Excavation of the stope. Two options the first option consists in starting the stope from the level.


Cut And Fill Miningdocx Cut And Fill Mining Cut

Cut and fill is a very expensive mining method, due in large part to the high costs of backfill. This cost can be justified if the ore body is of a particularly high grade. Cut and fill, Drift and fill The rock quality designation is a further critical factor.

mining Blasthole stoping Britannica

Mining Blasthole Stoping Britannica

mining - mining - Blasthole stoping When the dip of a deposit is steep greater than about 55 , ore and waste strong, ore boundaries regular, and the deposit relatively thick, a system called blasthole stoping is used. A drift is driven along the bottom of the ore body, and this is eventually enlarged into the shape of a trough. At the end of the trough, a raise is driven to the drilling ...

Design amp Operating Principles in Caving Methods

Design Amp Operating Principles In Caving Methods

Method Tonnes Avg. Tonnes Relative Mining Manshift Day Milled CostTonne Resuing 0.20 - 0.50 50 - 100 70 Shrinkage 20 - 28 200 - 800 20 - 50 Cut and fill 12 - 48 500 - 1500 20 - 70 Room and Pillar 15 - 150 1500 10 000 7 - 20 ... drawpointdriftpass Ore extraction dilution Ground subsidence