Our Mission

Friends of the Loew’s believes that the landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre must serve its community as a not-for-profit arts and entertainment center that increases the visibility and role of the performing arts in the lives of the diverse peoples who live in Hudson County and our whole region. It must strive to present a broad spectrum of quality programming that breaks down preconceived divisions between different performance disciplines — artificial divisions that prevent many people, especially young people, from thoroughly exploring and enjoying the rich diversity of performance art. This programming must highlight the best accomplishments of American popular stage and motion picture arts.

And programming at the Loew’s must also include shows from the varied arts traditions of the many different peoples who make up our region and country. By presenting this mix of programming in one of the finest surviving Movie Palaces, Friends of the Loew’s will both renew and perpetuate the “art of American entertainment” — the unique combination of artistic ability with a sense of showmanship informed by democratic insight which, in the 20th century, melded the performing arts traditions of a all the peoples who came to this country into a single force that has not only entertained us, but expressed our collective hopes and fears so dynamically that it became the single greatest instrument in enabling Americans to understand and inspire ourselves and, thereby, define the American Experience to the world.

And at the Loew’s, film presentations must be a significant part of programming along with stage — not merely to honor the Theatre’s heritage as a Movie Palace but because “the movies” are the medium through which many people, especially young people, are most comfortable discovering and exploring for the first time the various performing arts.

Programming at the Loew’s Jersey will include:

  • Jazz and Swing concerts
  • Rock and R & B concerts
  • Folk and Country concerts
  • Classic Film
  • Independent Film
  • Multi-cultural programs
  • Touring musicals and dramatic plays
  • Children’s programs

Friends of the Loew’s must also strive to provide educational packages and student discounts in order to make it even easier for school children to discover the joy of performance art at the Loew’s. And FOL must also offer special senior citizen packages to ensure that this important segment of our community will have their lives enriched by greater access to the arts and entertainment.

Additional uses for the Loew’s will include business meetings, weddings and other social events.