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Agent Feeder Concentrate Leaching

Leaching of gold from a chalcopyrite concentrate by

Leaching Of Gold From A Chalcopyrite Concentrate By

May 01, 1988 A gold containing chalcopyrite concentrate has been treated with thiourea using H 2 SO 4.The effects of some leach parameters such as thiourea concentration, oxidizing agents, redox potential, pH, temperature, pulp density, acid pretreatment and SO 2 addition have been investigated. Maximum gold and silver extractions are respectively 95.5 and 85.4.

Leaching of a zinc concentrate in H2SO4 solutions

Leaching Of A Zinc Concentrate In H2so4 Solutions

Jan 01, 2008 Testing the efficacy of complexing agents in zinc concentrate leaching The addition of complexing agents in a number of applications has been reported. Oxalic acid is a reducer and also a complexing agent that has been used in iron oxide leaching during silica and clay mineral treatment Terrazas et al., 2005 , Suong et al., 2006 .


Thiosulfate Leaching Of Silver From A Solid

The leaching feed in the study was a commercial flotation copper sulfide concentrate produced at the Lubin Concentrator KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.. The concentrate contained copper and other metals, such as Zn, Co, Ni, Ag, V, and Mo, which significantly increase the value of this material. A continuously


Appendix 2 Capital And Operating Cost Estimate

directed to a leaching circuit comprising three 300m 3 agitated leach tanks in series. The ore will be dosed with sodium cyanide and limeto leach the cyanide soluble gold. To assist the leaching kinetics oxygen will be injected into each leach tank. After leaching the pulp will pass through six 300 m3 CIL tanks. Each CIL tank will have ...

Leaching Washing Or Dissolving Patents and Patent

Leaching Washing Or Dissolving Patents And Patent

Abstract A system and method for improving leach kinetics and recovery during above-atmospheric leaching of a metal sulfide is disclosed. In some embodiments, the method may comprise the steps of a producing a metal sulfide concentrate 34 via flotation b moving the produced metal sulfide concentrate 34 to at least one chamber 22a of at least one reactor such as an autoclave 20 ...

Process Equipment Konnekta Mining

Process Equipment Konnekta Mining

Gravity Gold Rougher Concentrate Flotation CIL Leaching amp Refining This mineral processing plant is to recover gold from sulphide ore deposits. Provided here are all major equipment for a plant arranged to recover gravity gold, float a gold rich sulphide concentrate, liberate the sulphide hosted gold with a light regrind and dissolved its ...

Gold Processing Extraction Smelting Plant Design

Gold Processing Extraction Smelting Plant Design

Gold ore. Prominer maintains a team of senior gold processing engineers with expertise and global experience. These gold professionals are specifically in gold processing through various beneficiation technologies, for gold ore of different characteristics, such as flotation, cyanide leaching, gravity separation, etc., to achieve the processing plant of optimal and cost-efficient process designs.

Innovations in Copper Mining amp Extraction Producing

Innovations In Copper Mining Amp Extraction Producing

Nutrients are added. Copper concentrate is added to the reactor in an amount so as to provide a pregnant liquor containing 30-40 grams per liter which is reduced to 20-25 grams per liter after washing the leach residue, for feed to the SXEW plant. Leaching of chalcopyrite concentrates is complete within 10 days retention time.

Process Instrumentation and Analytics Mining Brochure

Process Instrumentation And Analytics Mining Brochure

technology to control the feed on the crusher improves operational productivity. Prevent the ... Concentrate Residual water and tailings Sump Filter Thickener and dewatering Additive tanks Leaching pad Ore additive silos Leaching agent Ore preparation Leaching agent tanks Pregnant leaching solution pls Process water PLS processing plant

Leaching of mineral ores Atomaer Pty Ltd

Leaching Of Mineral Ores Atomaer Pty Ltd

Jul 12, 1999 Abstract A process for oxidation of ferrous ions in solution, and more particularly a process for improved base metal andor uranium leaching from ores, concentrates or tailings using ferric ion as an oxidizing agent. A reaction vessel 10 holds a ferrous ion-containing solution, for example, a copper sulphide leach slurry or concentrate.

US4051220A Sodium sulfide leach process Google Patents

Us4051220a Sodium Sulfide Leach Process Google Patents

A process is disclosed for treating mixed metal sulfides containing trivalent antimony sulfide wherein the sulfide concentrates are leached with an excess of sodium sulfide in order to isolate copper sulfide and other insolubles in solid form while solubilizing the remaining metal sulfides and producing sodium thioantimonite, separating the insoluble sulfides from the solution oxidizing the ...


Leaching Kinetics Of Copper From Chalcopyrite Concentrate

Treating chalcopyrite flotation concentrates by hydrometallurgical techniques seems to be the most convenient method for leaching copper due to concerns over air pollution and regulations regarding the emission of sulfur dioxide that result from smelting. In this study, the leaching recovery-time trajectories of bulk chalcopyrite concentrate obtained from a flotation plant in the Kastamonu ...

Leaching of highsolids attritorground chalcopyrite

Leaching Of Highsolids Attritorground Chalcopyrite

Leaching of attritor-ground chalcopyrite concentrate by acidified ferric sulfate, generatedin situ, has been studied. Air and oxygen alone and mixed with sulfur dioxide were tested as oxidizing agents. A specially designed reactor, which allowedn situ oxidation of ferrous sulfate, permitted the leaching of a 20 pct solids slurry with high copper recovery.

Pressure Leaching of Copper Concentrates

Pressure Leaching Of Copper Concentrates

8 October 25th, 2004 Drivers for Concentrate Leaching Cost effective alternative to conventional smelting amp refining Capital cost versus greenfield smelterrefinery projects 1,000-2,000 versus 3,000-6,000annual tonne Ability to utilize existing SX capacity 300-400annual mt Ability to utilize spare EW capacity 500-600annual mt Ability to utilize existing infrastructure

Outotec copper concentrate pressure leaching process

Outotec Copper Concentrate Pressure Leaching Process

Jun 16, 2020 Case Copper concentrate leaching with existing heap leaching operation. In this flowsheet the feed is copper concentrate. The main minerals in the concentrate are pyrite 39 and chalcopyrite 36 sulfur content is 39. High-temperature POX 220 C provides fast oxidation kinetics, almost complete sulfide sulfur oxidation, and high copper ...

Gold Agitation Cyanidation Leaching

Gold Agitation Cyanidation Leaching

Oct 18, 2019 The agitation leaching method is to concentrate the slurry, obtained after grinding and classifying of the gold-containing ore, to a suitable concentration, place it in a leaching tank, add a cyanide solution, and aerate to carry out leaching. The main equipment used in the agitation leaching process is a cyanide leaching tank.

Sphalerite Leaching Kinetic

Sphalerite Leaching Kinetic

Feb 03, 2021 During roast, virtually all the iron in the concentrate feed is converted into zinc ferrite which remains almost inert in the neutral-leach stage. In order to recover zinc incorporated in ZnO Fe2O3, a follow-up treatment of the leach residue is required. Ferric chloride is one of the ideal agent for the direct leaching of sphalerite.

Direct sulfuric acid leaching of zinc sulfide concentrate

Direct Sulfuric Acid Leaching Of Zinc Sulfide Concentrate

Aug 01, 2018 The use of ozone as an oxidant for the direct leaching of zinc sulfide sphalerite concentrate in sulfuric acid medium under atmospheric pressure was explored. The influence of acid concentration, feed gas injection rate, particle size distribution, stirring speed, temperature and slurry density on zinc extraction efficiency was examined. The experimental results showed that the leaching ...

Consep Acacia advanced gravity concentrate leaching

Consep Acacia Advanced Gravity Concentrate Leaching

The Consep Acacia is a world-leading gravity leaching system. With its 20-plus years of existence, it has a clean record in customer satisfaction and a 100 installation success rate. What we offer. The Consep Acacia - for maximising gold recovery from concentrates. The Consep Acacia utilises a gravity leaching method in precious metals ...


The Role Of Iron In The Cesl Process Teck

minimal use of acid or neutralizing agents for iron dissolution or precipitation, respectively this is achieved by minimizing iron leaching during both the oxidation and leaching stages. Iron sulphides in the feed concentrate deport almost entirely to the solid

Increase Uranium Recovery by Nitric Acid Leaching

Increase Uranium Recovery By Nitric Acid Leaching

May 25, 2017 A flow diagram incorporating nitric acid and conventional leaching is shown in figure 5. Based on a 2,000-tonsday ore feed and a 180 concentrate-to-feed ratio, 25 tonsday of concentrate would be produced requiring 16 tons day of H2SO4, 0.8

Production of a Phosphate Concentrate from the Tailings of

Production Of A Phosphate Concentrate From The Tailings Of

A phosphate concentrate with a P 2 O 5 content above 32, as obtained by the leaching step, can generate a selling bonus for the apatite concentrate 9,14,15, which is favorable to the economics of the process. The obtained phosphate concentrate complies with all the constraints for a commercial phosphate concentrate.

US3709680A Process for removal of arsenic from sulfoore

Us3709680a Process For Removal Of Arsenic From Sulfoore

A process and apparatus for the removal of arsenic values from an ore concentrate includes the steps of leaching the concentrate with a solution which dissolves the arsenic, separating undissolved residue therefrom, acidifying the arsenic pregnant solution to precipitate arsenic and other mineral values as insoluble salts and treating the arsenic barren solution to regenerate sulfur and sodium ...

CN101961673B Combined concentration and smelting

Cn101961673b Combined Concentration And Smelting

The invention discloses a combined concentration and smelting method for mixed copper ore. The method is a flotation-acid leaching combined concentration and smelting method which comprises the following steps of separating sulphide ore from oxide and sulphide-mixed copper ore with the oxygenation efficiency of 10 to 80 percent to obtain copper ore concentrates forbidding to add

US7682420B2 Method for leaching gold Google Patents

Us7682420b2 Method For Leaching Gold Google Patents

In a method for leaching gold from copper sulfides, the sulfide ores are first subjected to leaching of copper, thereby producing a leaching residue having 7.9 or less of the copper content. This leaching residue is mixed with a leach liquor, which contains the chloride ion and ferric ion and has 1.9 or less of pH. Gold and copper can be effectively leached from the copper sulfide ores.

Extraction of Copper at Elevated Feed Concentrations

Extraction Of Copper At Elevated Feed Concentrations

compared with a heap leach operation, to attain the extraction desired. An SX-EW operation is an acid plant. It takes copper out of solution and replaces it with protons which make their way, via the organic extractant, back to the raffinate stream. In heap leach operations the acid is consumed during leaching. In a concentrate leach scenario,

Rare earth elements leaching from Chadormalu apatite

Rare Earth Elements Leaching From Chadormalu Apatite

The feed of plant consists of magnetite, hematite, martite, quartz, apatite, gypsum, biotite and anhydrite min-erals. The plant concentrates are iron ores, hematite and magnetite, and apatite is a by- product 7. The objectives of the present work are a to optimize the operat-ing variables in the leaching of REEs from apatite concentrate and

Atmospheric leaching of copper flotation concentrate

Atmospheric Leaching Of Copper Flotation Concentrate

Concentrator ZWR Lubin was used as leaching feed. The output of the concentrate at the Lubin plant is almost 0.5 Tg teragramsyear and corresponds to the copper production of 65 Ggyear. The feed for leaching had been collected in the form of water slurry for about two weeks to provide a representative leaching feed. The slurry

US7846233B2 Leaching process for copper concentrates

Us7846233b2 Leaching Process For Copper Concentrates

A method of leaching copper from copper sulphide-containing concentrates, such as chalcopyrite, includes using pyrite as a catalyst for ferric reduction in order to eliminate passivation of the chalcopyrite surface, the process being carried out under conditions whereby the pyrite is not materially oxidized, for example by maintaining the operating solution potential at a suitable level.

Development of an environmentally friendly flowsheet to

Development Of An Environmentally Friendly Flowsheet To

Jun 10, 2018 The intensity of fluorite peaks for leaching residual Fig. 1c is higher in comparison to rougher flotation concentrate Fig. 1b and feed sample Fig. 1a. The leaching residual final concentrate was analyzed for accurate evaluation of grade standard concerning the market. The characterization results are presented in Table 7.

The effect of redox control on the continuous bioleaching

The Effect Of Redox Control On The Continuous Bioleaching

Oct 01, 2015 A continuous bioleaching process was developed for the dissolution of chalcopyrite concentrate with electrochemically redox control. Therefore, using a flotation concentrate containing 46 chalcopyrite and 23 pyrite, bioleaching tests were carried out at 47 C with 15 pulp density under controlled and uncontrolled redox conditions.To increase the copper recovery in contrast to the ...

Method of processing spodumene concentrate

Method Of Processing Spodumene Concentrate

A method of processing spodumene concentrate comprising activating concentrate, sulfatization activated concentrate sulfuric acid leaching product sulfatization water, separation of the pulp in a solution of lithium sulfate and insoluble cake, cake washing, drying the washed cake until constant weight, batch preparation of a dry cake with ...

Sulfur dispersing agents for nickel sulfide leaching above

Sulfur Dispersing Agents For Nickel Sulfide Leaching Above

The effects of sulfur dispersing agents SDAs in the oxygen pressure leaching of nickel concentrate at medium temperature were investigated. Liquid sulfur-aqueous solution interfacial tensions and liquid sulfur-sulfide mineral contact angles were measured at 140 C, 690 kPa overpressure by nitrogen, and 1.0 molL NiSO. The effects of SDAs including lignosulfonate, Quebracho, o ...

ReProcessing Gold Tailings in South Africa

Reprocessing Gold Tailings In South Africa

leach pH 3 and resin in pulp to recover soluble uranium, followed by flotation of the sulphides mainly pyrite at pH 4.5 to produce a bulk rougher concentrate and rougher tailings. In one of the options investigated at the pre-feasibility stage, the rougher concentrate will be cleaned to produce a low grade pyrite concentrate and cleaner

Utilisation of steel slags as neutralising agents in

Utilisation Of Steel Slags As Neutralising Agents In

Gold recoveries after cyanide leaching on the residues obtained were also similar and were in the range of 8689. However, the cyanide consumption expressed as kilogram cyanide per ton of concentrate fed to biooxidation, was double in the case of ladle slag and three times as much for the EAF slag compared to the slaked lime experiment.