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Chinery For Recovering Copper From Furnace Slags

Equipment For Recovering Copper From Furnace Slags

Equipment For Recovering Copper From Furnace Slags

slag washing for gold recovery is metal recovery from slag recovery of metals from melting furnace slag has copper recovery magnetic slag 55 . Get Price copper recovery from slag in india. copper recovery from slag in south, stone crushers in india youtube copper slag recycling equipment is recovering in a slag cleaning furnace the .

NIOSHTIC2 Publications Search 10007786 Recovering

Nioshtic2 Publications Search 10007786 Recovering

The Bureau of Mines is investigating pyrometallurgical and chemical methods to recover valuable constituents from metallurgical dusts and slags. Under this program a technique was developed to recover iron from molten copper smelting furnace slags by carbon injection. Slags from gas-fired reverberatory and electric copper smelting furnaces were treated in an 800-kva electric-arc furnace


Process For Recovering Nonferrous Metal Values

The present process is directed toward the selective recovery of non-ferrous metal values from reverberatory furnace slags, particularly for recovering molybdenum and copper values from copper reverberatory furnace slags. Slag obtained from the reverberatory smelting of copper concentrate may contain a sufficiently high molybdenum concentration ...

129 Secondary Copper Smelting

129 Secondary Copper Smelting

Smelting of low-grade copper scrap begins with melting in either a blast or a rotary furnace, resulting in slag and impure copper. If a blast furnace is used, this copper is charged to a converter, where the purity is increased to about 80 to 90 percent, and then to a reverberatory furnace, where copper of about 99 percent purity is achieved.

Recovery of cobalt from slag in a DC arc furnace at

Recovery Of Cobalt From Slag In A Dc Arc Furnace At

Copper Cobalt Nickel and Zinc Recovery conference, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 16-18 July 2001 . Abstract. The 20 Mt reverberatory furnace slag dump at Nkana in Zambia contains a substantial quantity of cobalt. A 40 MW DC arc furnace has been built at Chambishi for the purpose of . recovering cobalt from the slag.

Recycling Free FullText Primary Copper Smelter and

Recycling Free Fulltext Primary Copper Smelter And

The higher the matte copper grade, the more copper and other valuable metals are absorbed into the slag. The copper smelting slags usually contain over 1 Cu . The slag is processed by flotation or electric arc furnace settling to recover copper that is then used in the smelter feed.

Process for recovery of iron from copper slag Agrawal

Process For Recovery Of Iron From Copper Slag Agrawal

A process for the recovery of iron from copper slag which comprises i. selecting and grinding the copper slag to the a size in the range of 2-15 mm. ii. mixing homogeneously copper slag, a reductant and a flux in the ratio range between 2014 to 20310. iii.

Reductive Smelting for the Recovery of Nickel in a DC

Reductive Smelting For The Recovery Of Nickel In A Dc

required for the recovery of these metals. DC arc furnaces are well suited to this type of process. For example, cobalt was recovered from non-ferrous smelter slags at Chambishi in Zambia 1. Nickel can also be recovered from slags or other secondary sources in the same way. Furthermore,

roasting copper smelter feed

Roasting Copper Smelter Feed

Roast-leach copper recovery - The International Nickel ... We claim 1. A process for recovering copper from a sulfidic material which comprises a cupriferous matte or matte fraction which contains iron and at least one of the metals nickel and cobalt, the weight ratio of the copper content to the sum of the iron, nickel and cobalt contents being greater than 0.75, comprising roasting the ...

Fernald Feed Materials Production Center definition of

Fernald Feed Materials Production Center Definition Of

The Fernald Feed Materials Production Center commonly referred to simply as Fernald or later NLO was a uranium processing facility located near the rural town of Fernald, in Hamilton County, Ohio, about 20 miles northwest of Cincinnati, which fabricated uranium fuel cores for the U.S. nuclear weapons production complex from 1951 to 1989.. Fernald would gain notoriety by 1984 when it was ...

steel recovery from slag

Steel Recovery From Slag

home steel recovery from slag steel recovery from slag. Sep 15 2018 Steel slag is a major byproduct of the steel industry and a potential resource of technology critical elements For this study a basic oxygen furnace BOF steel slag was tested for bacterial leaching and recovery of aluminium Al chromium Cr and vanadium V Mixed acidophilic bacteria were adapted to the steel slag up to 5 wv

NIOSHTIC2 Publications Search 10006389 Recovery of

Nioshtic2 Publications Search 10006389 Recovery Of

Laboratory evaluation has shown that the metal product, which contains 86.9 to 95.0 wt-pct iron and 1.3 to 4.1 wt-pct copper, will be a satisfactory medium for recovering copper by cementation. The expected energy consumption for the process is 110 kwhr per ton of molten slag treated and 520 kwhr per ton of solid material charged.

US4003559A Apparatus for recovery of metallic zinc from

Us4003559a Apparatus For Recovery Of Metallic Zinc From

An apparatus for separating and recovering metallic zinc from an ash-like solid substance composed of a mixture of metallic zinc, zinc oxide and other zinc containing materials is disclosed. This apparatus comprises a saucer-like container of an inverse cone form for receiving dross and a plurality of agitating scraper plates disposed in said container to squeeze out metallic zinc from the ...

Papers Past Parliamentary Papers Appendix to the

Papers Past Parliamentary Papers Appendix To The

An extremely interesting series of exhibits is that comprising one hundred samples of crude ore, fluxes, slags, skimmings, antimony dross, lead and bullion, in connection with the smelting process of ore-treatment, which was obtained through the courtesy of Mr. F. E. Wood, late refiner at Broken Hill.

CA315322A Method of recovering copper from slags

Ca315322a Method Of Recovering Copper From Slags

slags recovering copper recovering copper Prior art date 1931-09-15 Legal status The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed. Expired Application number CA315322A Other languages French fr Inventor G. Fowler Morris

equipment for recovering copper from furnace slags

Equipment For Recovering Copper From Furnace Slags

US4110107A Process for reducing molten furnace slags by . A process is provided for recovering metals from metalcontaining slags such as ironcopper slags from copper smelting furnaces and ironnickel slags produced in smelting nickelbearing ores the molten slag is fed to an electricarc furnace wherein a molten metal bath is formed a carbon injection unit, including an injector tube which is ...

123 Primary Copper Smelting

123 Primary Copper Smelting

Slag produced by flash furnace operations contains significantly higher amounts of copper than reverberatory or electric furnaces. Flash furnace slag is treated in a slag cleaning furnace with coke or iron sulfide. Because copper has a higher affinity for sulfur than oxygen, the copper in the slag as copper oxide is converted to copper sulfide.


Recovery Of Copper From Smelting Slag By

Pyrometallurgical production of copper generates two slags smelting furnace slag and converter slag which contain 0.5-2 Cu and 2-8 Cu, respectively. The following three methods are generally utilized for recovering the copper from these slags on an industrial scale i recycling of the converter slag to the smelting furnace,

Development of a Flowsheet for Recovering Copper

Development Of A Flowsheet For Recovering Copper

copper concentrate with 20-40 Cu content is produced with 90-95 efficiency from copper slags and a tailing with 0.2-0.35 Cu is either disposed or dissolved with sulfuric acid at 70 C and then Cu in leachate is recovered with iron powder Cankut, 1973. In some plants, flash smelting furnace slag 1.6-2 Cu and converter slag 5-7 Cu are

Recover Copper in Smelter Dust

Recover Copper In Smelter Dust

Aug 05, 2017 Conclusions. Carbothermic reduction of a commercial smelter dust resulted in the recovery of 95 pct of copper, over 80 pct of arsenic and antimony, and over 50 pct of bismuth and tin in the combined metallic copper and matte production. Copper recovery improved as the weight ratio of FeO to SiO2 in the slag approached 1.7.

Enhancing the flotation recovery of copper minerals in

Enhancing The Flotation Recovery Of Copper Minerals In

Jan 01, 2020 The slags produced from the NCS furnaces TSL furnace, copper converter, reverberatory furnace contain copper ranging between 0.8 to 5 ww. Due to this high content of copper, the slags are milled and floated to recover the copper. The main drawback in the current process is that the final flotation tailings grades are in excess of 0.9 Cu.

Recovery of copper and cobalt from ancient slag G252lay

Recovery Of Copper And Cobalt From Ancient Slag G252lay

Apr 01, 2006 This slag contains large amounts of metallic values such as copper and cobalt. A representative slag sample containing 0.98 Cu, 0.49 Co and 51.47 Fe was used in the experimental studies. Two different methods, direct acid leaching and acid baking followed by hot water leaching were used for recovering Cu and Co from the slag.


Recovery Of Copper From Copper Slag And

Recovery of copper from copper slag and copper slag flotation tailings 75by oxidative leaching Table 1. Chemical compositions of the copper smelter slag and the slag flotation tailings Constituent Content wt. Copper Slag Slag Flotation Tailings Cu total 0.97 0.59 Cu oxides 0.15 0.06 Cu sulphides 0.82 0.53 SiO 2 33.75 34.62 Al 2 O

Method for recovering molybdenum from particulate

Method For Recovering Molybdenum From Particulate

This invention relates to a method for recovering molybdenum from copper smelter slags, particularly copper reverberatory furnace slags. Slag obtained from the reverberatory smelting of copper concentrate may contain a sufficiently high molybdenum concentration to provide an economic incentive for its recovery.

Recovery of base metals and PGMs in a DC alloy

Recovery Of Base Metals And Pgms In A Dc Alloy

Application to Co recovery by slag cleaning Mineralogical studies have shown that cobalt is present as CoO in copper reverberatory furnace slag. Copper in the slag is mainly attributed to the presence of copper-rich sulphides. The cobalt oxide, and, to a lesser extent, the copper

Recovery of copper from granulated blast furnace slag

Recovery Of Copper From Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Jul 31, 2020 Chemical compositions of the copper smelter slag and the slag flotation tailings Constituent Content wt. Copper Slag Slag Flotation Tailings Cu total Cu oxides Cu sulphides SiO 2 Al 2 O.The furnace can be designed with effective working volume minimal m3, suitable for the recovery of anode slime, PM-containing smelting slag, lead ...

Study on Recovering Iron from Smelting Slag by

Study On Recovering Iron From Smelting Slag By

In order to recover the iron in copper smelting slag quenched with water in smelters, carbothermic reduction was adopted to reduce the iron oxide existing in different phase such as fayalite,vitreous and magnetite in the slag to metal iron. In the optimum conditions, it was demonstrated that the metallization efficiency of iron could reach more than 86.1.

Enhancing the flotation recovery of copper minerals in

Enhancing The Flotation Recovery Of Copper Minerals In

Namibia Custom Smelters NCS process a range of copper concentrates in their three furnaces, namely top submerged lance, copper converter and reverberatory furnaces, in order to produce mattes and fayalitic slags. The copper content of the slags range between 0.8 to 5 wt. and this is considered

Improving Copper Recovery from Production Slags by

Improving Copper Recovery From Production Slags By

Improving Copper Recovery from Production Slags by Advances Stirring Methods Proceedings of EMC 2011 3 treated in the existing copper extraction route or separately in a subsequent reactor the slag phase can be used as construction material for example. 1.2 Conventional pyrometallurgical copper slag

Factors influencing base metal recovery from waste

Factors Influencing Base Metal Recovery From Waste

The recovery of cobalt and copper from waste slag was studied in a plasma DC-arc furnace in reducing conditions. Three fluxes, CaO, CaF 2, and TiO , were investigated for their influence on selective recovery of cobalt into an iron-rich alloy. A further investigation on the influence of furnace power on the reduction of slag to recover

Recovery of Fe Ni Co and Cu from Nickel Converter

Recovery Of Fe Ni Co And Cu From Nickel Converter

copper is dispersed in the slag in the sulfide form Cu 2S. Owing to the violent agitation in the converter causing poor separation of the slag and matte, a large number of matte particles are dispersed in the molten slag even after dilution, which is the main reason for the loss of nickel and copper in nickel converter slag.4,5

ASARCO 187 Smelting

Asarco 187 Smelting

The slag cools quickly and tends to break into pieces by itself. It will be recovered and sent back through the mill and concentrator to recover any copper that might have been trapped in the slag. The Converter Furnace In the converter, air is blown into the matte to burn away the iron and any remaining sulfur.

Effects of Na2O additions to copper slag on iron recovery

Effects Of Na2o Additions To Copper Slag On Iron Recovery

Nov 15, 2020 A new process for green and efficient utilization of copper slag was put forward. Addition of Na 2 O in slag promoted magnetite growth but decrease magnetite quantity.. Slag with 4 Na 2 O had a markedly decreased viscosity and iron recovery rate of 81.08 .. Na 2 O in ceramics reduced sintering temperature but meantime degraded bending strength.. Non-magnetic residue

Liquid Immiscibility in FeCuB System

Liquid Immiscibility In Fecub System

slag and metal produced from the direct melting of the shredder dust can be reused for a ne aggregate for a mix-ture with asphalt and a counterweight for construction ma-chinery, respectively.1 The metal is mainly composed of iron and copper, the contents of which are about 70 and 20mass, respectively. Accordingly, it is more desirable to

Furnace Slag Recycking Equipment

Furnace Slag Recycking Equipment

Furnace slag recycking equipment products machinery unlike the quipment with slag unless the the production of expanded blast furnace slag is no longer favored and steel slag recycling brs rotary furnace slag caster wirtz offers rotary furnace slag casters, available in a range of capacities from 3 cubic meters to 10 cubic meterset price.