Looking Back AND Forward at the Loew’s Jersey


Projection Booth at the Loew's Jersey before & after restoration and re-equipping by FOL.

Projection Booth at the Loew’s Jersey before & after restoration and re-equipping by FOL.

One of the two photos above shows the Loew’s Jersey’s Projection Booth the way it was in the mid-1990s, just BEFORE FOL began our work to restore and re-equip it.  The Booth had been gutted of all of its equipment when the Loew’s was closed.  The roof leaked.  In fact, pigeons had gotten in through broken windows. The other photo shows how the Booth looks today. ALL of the work that went into the Booth was done by FOL volunteers.  And ALL of the projection and related equipment installed to make the Booth operational again was donated to FOL.  The 35mm projectors seen on the left in the current view are typically found in archive and studio screening rooms because they are designed to be especially gentle in handling film — meaning they greatly reduce the risk of scratching the emulsion or otherwise damaging film as it runs through them.  Because FOL has these kinds of projectors, archives are willing to send us rare, sometimes one-of-king prints.

Of course, FOL’s work didn’t stop with the Projection Booth.  Currently, we’re working on several important projects.

  • Marquee Rehab
  • New Audio System Installation
  • Balcony Railing Refinish (along with Seat Restoration)
  • Identification & directional signage backstage
  • Plus we’re also going to begin our annual sorting, moving and cleaning as we begin to get ready for our new season.
  • And if we can put together a small team of people with some spackling and painting experience, the walls of the first floor ADA restroom, and even a few other spaces, could use some sprucing up.
There’s always a sense of accomplishment when you help at the Loew’s because you are part of something that’s both really big and very important.  And your effort always makes a big difference.
If you think you can help out with one of our projects this Saturday August 23 from 11:30AMto 5PM , or want more info about the project and other dates we’ll be working, please join our team, email volunteerteamatloewsj@gmail.com.  (This allows us to estimate the supplies we need for the number of people on hand.)

More Tours Coming Soon!

More Tours Coming Soon!

Friends of the Loew’s got A LOT of interest in the two tours of the Loew’s we scheduled for August 16 at 12pm and 2pm.  In fact, we’ve had to close the tours for new sign-ups to make sure that everyone who has already signed up gets a good tour — too big a tour group means it’s difficult for everyone to see and hear properly.

So if you have already signed on, you’re in!  If you were still thinking about it, we’re really sorry.  BUT no worries – – –  we will schedule more tours very soon.  Check back here for dates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or look for flyers around town!

And thank you for your interest in the Loew’s!