10 Reasons Why Friends of the Loew’s & Our Vision For The Loew’s Is Best:

1) Our approach will cost less City money.

2) Transparency – as a non-profit, FOL is held to even higher standards (in fact, our financials are already on the City website).

3) Our mission is to promote the arts, work for affordable programming and preserve the Loew’s – not to make money for owners.

4) The Garden State Theatre Organ Society says that its working relationship with FOL in using and appreciating the Loew’s organ is the best it has with any theatre management.

5) The Village Voice says the Loew’s Jersey is the best movie theatre in New York.

6) FOL knows how to keep construction costs down: The City’s been saying it will have to pay up to $40 million to fully renovate the Loew’s – which FOL thinks is an unnecessarily high estimate.

But the company the City wants to hire to do the work drove the cost for fixing the Loew’s Kings in Brooklyn from $75 million to nearly $100 million – ad they still don’t have enough!

7) The Annual Volunteer Expo.

8) Time Out New York recently said going to the Loew’s is one of the best things to do in New Jersey.

9) We raised over $750,000 in grants for restoring the Loew’s during a time when the City raised $0.

10) We know where the light switches are.

What are your additions to this list? Tell us and we’ll Tweet the best responses!