Open Letter to Mayor Fulop: “The uniqueness that once was Loew’s will become a fleeting memory”


Honorable Mayor Fulop:


I hope this finds you well. The reason I am writing you today is to share my support for the continuation of the Friends of Loews as the managers and caretakers of this exceptional and treasured landmark. As a fan of films and a Friend of Loews, I like to visit at least once a month.


My partner and I like to grab a bite in one of the nearby Jersey City restaurants before the show. We used to live in Jersey City before moving to Bayonne. Now that we don’t live there, the only reason we go to Jersey City is Loew’s. There is not much else to do in Jersey City otherwise; the city lacks cultural and community centers.


That is why I want to continue frequenting Lowe’s and supporting the city. I also urge my friends and family to do the same. In other words, if I want to see a box-office hit I can go to any “cinema” where I’m in and out having invested nothing in the local town.


AEG does not represent Jersey City and the Theatre will turn into another mainstream Top 40-produced venue if they steps in. The uniqueness that once was Loew’s will become a fleeting memory.


I implore you to consider this and recommend that you take half of what the city intends on dedicating to the Loews so that AEG can come in and profit, and use that money instead to help the Friends of Loews and the city honor its commitment. There are hundreds of municipalities in this state that would die to have this little economic catch in their front yard.


Please, don’t let us down.


Sarah S. Habache

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