Letter Writing Campaign to Mayor Fulop

Friends of the Loew’s has recently been asked about how one can go about writing Mayor Fulop to voice your support of FOL.  You may reach Mayor Fulop through the following channels:

If you e-mail Mayor Fulop, please CC us at loewsjersey@gmail.com.  

If you mail a letter, please send a duplicate to Friends of the Loew’s, PO Box 3779, Jersey City, NJ 07303.

You can Tweet at Friends of the Loew’s by including @loewsjersey and hashtagging #SaveTheLoews.

Below is an example of an open letter that was recently sent to Mayor Fulop in support of Friends of the Loew’s:

Honorable Mayor Fulop:


Allow me express my support for the continuation of the Friends of Loews as the managers and caretakers of this rare and precious landmark. As a fan of cinema and a Friend of Loews I visit at least once a month.

Before the movie starts me and my date have dinner at a variety of Jersey City restaurants. Whether its fine dining at 15 Fox Place, where we drop beau coup bucks or when running late a couple of quick dogs at Boulevard Drinks, we spend money in the city. After the movie we often hit Vu for after dinner drinks, etc. We also pay for parking pretty much everywhere we go.


The only reason I go to Jersey City is the Loews and I want to keep going. I also encourage my friends and family to do the same. In short, if I want to see a popular movie I can go to a million non descript “cinemas” where I’m in and out having invested nothing in the local town.


I suggest you take half of what the city intends on dedicating to the Loews so that AEG can come in and profit, and use that money instead to help the Friends of Loews and the city honor its commitment. There are hundreds of municipalities in this state that would die to have this little economic driver of a gem on their front lawn. Don’t blow it.


John M Abeigon
Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union,
Local 481, A.F.T., AFL-CIO