How much does the FOL make?

“I read that the people that work for the Loew’s make $90,ooo a year.  Is that true?”

Friends of the Loew’s has only two employees:  Pattie Giordan and Colin Egon.  A recent statement by City Spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill indicated that they each made $90k a year.  This is patently false.

Pattie Giordan:  $45,000 annual salary

Pattie was hired as a manager.  She does not receive overtime pay or health insurance..  Pattie volunteered for the Loew’s for 20 years before becoming FOL’s first employee in 2007.  She has not received a raise since.

Colin Egan:  $45,000 annual salary

Colin was hired just a little over a year ago.  He does not receive overtime pay or health insurance.  Colin had helped to lead efforts to save the Loew’s beginning in 1987 and is a founder of Friends of the Loew’s.  In 1994, the JCEDC put him in charge of the grant-funded stabilization work.  After FOL leased the Loew’s, Colin left JCEDC but continued to work on behalf of the Loew’s as a volunteer until he was hired in 2013.


As mangers, each employee works significant overtime, mostly on weekends without extra pay.  The information about FOL’s employees is public record. FOL’s 990 IRS Forms can be reviewed on GuideStar.

Website Launch:

We are pleased to announce our new Friends of the Loew’s website,!  This website serves as a companion site The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre.

On this website, you will find:

  • A history of the Friends of Loew’s, including our fight to save the theatre from demolition
  • Our official responses to recent press about the Loew’s Jersey Theatre, including Mayor Fulop’s proposed Request for Proposal process
  • A community forum for you to peruse and submit your questions to the Friends of the Loew’s directly
  • Before & After photos of the theatre documenting our extensive restoration work
  • Information on the theatre’s operation, including current events

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